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After an episode of really bad behavior: Trying on outfits for over an hour, hating how I looked, texting my mom and telling her I was fat! Yes, I am over thirty. In a fury of looking for the perfect fit, I forgot how far I have come.  The past two years have been a time of adjustment. Instead of succumbing to wallowing, I pride myself on fighting. I forgot my fight the other night. I reduced myself to a sobbing, bumbling mess of a woman I don’t like.

After shaking it off, and getting a grip, I realized how far I have come. How strong I am. How much stronger I hope to be.  Sometimes we mess up on our journey. That’s why it’s a journey.  A journey teaches us something about ourselves. We learn a lot and we appreciate what we’ve got. You know what? We are all we’ve got.

I called myself out. I came up with this quote. Now, I am moving on with my journey.

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