Fabulous Fit Mama Journey · Fitness Challenge

Defining The FFM

Defining the Fabulous Fit Mamas The growth of the FFM’s is a shock to me. It is one of those unexpected things in my life. In fact, I was thinking about hanging up my trainer shoes for good before the FFM journey began. However, that is a raw story for another blog. In between my… Continue reading Defining The FFM


Fitness Challenge · Holiday Choices

Eat! But, do not be That Girl!

Please do not be That Girl who eats everything on her Thanksgiving plate and later laments, “Why did I eat all that?” Please do not be That Girl who lists every thing she ate on Thanksgiving to her closest friends and 500 social media friends. Please do not be That Girl who leaves the Thanksgiving… Continue reading Eat! But, do not be That Girl!

Fitness Challenge

60 Minute Minimum Challenge

Jumping Jacks. Squats. Pushups. Burpees. Butt Kicks. High Knees. These exercises are a constant staple in many fitness magazines this time of year. The running theme during the holiday training sprint is accessible-do-anywhere-exercises-in-less-time. The exercises are effective. The expert holiday advice is sound. Still, it is one more thing for us to “fit in” during… Continue reading 60 Minute Minimum Challenge