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Taking , Bringing , and Rambling On

Someone very close to me said, “You cannot have it all. Something has to give somewhere.” She is absolutely right. Recently, I decided to make a choice: move forward, or stay put.  Both choices are fine. However, I like to look at the big picture. When my kids are a little older, things will change. Yes, they will need me. But, in a different way. I fear the day that hugs and kisses won’t solve everything.  They won’t find me funny, or cool. I’m not cool, but don’t tell them that! The days of princess movies and dress up replaced by make up and texts. Ugh!

In some ways, I will be replaced too.  It’s not sad. It’s life. I want my girls to have the best life. I know they won’t me to be at front and center for them. Still, I will never be far from a real or virtual hug and a kiss away.

I know I have to look at the big picture.  Where do I see myself in the future?

I stopped wrestling with my fears and I decided to take on more personal training work. My goal is to work with postnatal women.  I am taking some additional  personal training certification classes.

I am training  for a Spartan Race. It’s grueling. It’s amazing. My girls’ swing set is my makeshift obstacle course!   I am taking on more. I am a little stressed, a little anxious. Instead of taking on more,  my mantra is I am bringing on more. These are my choices and I need to be tough.

Unfortunately, it’s tougher for me to blog these days. Something has to give. I am certainly not giving up. I hope to blog when I can.

My goal is to participate in the A to Z Challenge. I am up to “H” so things are looking promising.

I am taking more on, bringing it  all on, and  now I will stop rambling on!

I will try to give it my all.

I will hopefully talk to you soon!




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