A to Z Challenge 2017

She Zapped the idea!

I tried to schedule a meeting with all the She’s, a summit of insanely, unique, or just plain insane minds.

Well…All of The She’s Zapped the idea of a meeting. Each of them had an excuse not to gather. It’s such a shame they could not rip themselves away from their situations. Not even with a zazzle and a dazzle could I bribe them to attend. If you want to become better acquainted with a She, click  on the link to the posts. Unfortunately, not one single, She will attend the live-streaming meeting.

Here is the list of  She excuses that Zapped meeting plan:

Apathy– She isn’t capable of making a Dr.’s appointment for herself, let alone attending a meeting to talk about herself.

Bored- She finds fellow She interaction boring. Plus, She’s on the run because of all the money she owes.

Coffee Club– She decided to attend Wine Club.

Day- She is enjoying her privacy in the  restroom, sad but painfully true.

Everything– She wants Nothing to do with Anyone.

Feast– She is busy feasting on the fruits of her labor.

Glorious Life– She is building a bonfire of evidence.

How Crazy- She is deciding which wine pairs best with her peace offering: Hamburger Helper.

Incident– She is passed out from shock.

Jewelry Parties– She is so “happy” she cannot keep her eyes off her psychedelic jewelry. She swears her ring turned into a unicorn.

Kitchen Mourning– She is in mourning.

Lemon-Lime-Liar– She wants her true identity to remain confidential. Plus, tequila and limes are not served at this meeting.

Monday Mourning Syndrome– The meeting was scheduled for a Monday. No further explanation needed.

No, I’m Sorry– She’s not sorry. She’s not attending.

Over IT– She is buried under five loads of laundry.

Whispering Perceptions– She cannot deal with all the She’s whispering about her, or the voices in her head…She’s not sure.

Question– She is afraid of having a allergic reaction to She questions.

The Right Thing– She feels it’s the Wrong choice to attend.

Queen Ugly’s Demise– Ugly cannot attend for obvious reasons. Her predecessor is too busy writing a blog about “The Perfect Murder”.

Sorry, I messed it Up– I’m not invited.

Talk Tomorrow– She will deal with today’s meeting tomorrow.

Vintage Grit– She has better-grit-building-things to do.

Want– She is too busy texting, journaling, and hiding her emotions from her husband.

X Marks the Spot– She is vacationing  on her private island with her disintegrated soul and very handsome poolboy.

A glass of Yesterday– She is nursing a hangover today from imbibing on too many glasses of Yesterday.

The meeting is Zapped! Time to celebrate the end of A to Z with some Zin!

6 thoughts on “She Zapped the idea!

  1. Haha! Awesome final post for the challenge, Michelle! I’ve loved every one of these posts, it’s been one of the most unique themes for the challenge and I looked forward to it every day. She did a great job 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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