A to Z Challenge 2017


Welcome! My 2017 theme is UnSimply She Fiction. Each post begins with a simple sentence about a She. This fictional She is anything but simple. She may be dark. She may be funny. You may relate to her. You many not like her at all…She is revealing her truth.

She does not want him. strong>

He felt his insides melting in cold fear. It was a kick in the gut. A punch in the face. A dagger to the ego. He wished he found in her in a dingy hotel room,  frolicking with a twenty-something hipster.

Yesterday he found her diary. He thinks her journaling is childish. What was she sixteen? He is envious of the stupid book.

He is haunted by the excerpt…

“This is for moms who cringe slightly when the others say “It’s all worth it….”

“This is for the moms who just don’t like it. Any of it….”

He is afraid to turn the page.

His obsession with his wife’s secret thoughts does not end with her juvenile-angst-filled- journal.

He does one thing he vowed he would not do. He checks her phone.

“I want you.

“I want to see you again.”

He reads text over and over again.

Her journal filled with suffocating bitterness.

Her phone engulfed with loving thoughts.

Her love and hate hidden from him.

None of her feelings belong to him.

He doesn’t know her anymore.

He knows she does not want him.

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