UnSimply She · Weekend Coffee Share

UnSimply Coffee

It’s finally time for our coffee chat. I have been waiting all week. I just want to talk to you. No, not about that. Not about him. Not about her. Let’s just talk about our simple, yet unsimple lives. NO speaking  of them, OK? They are not helping us with our kid’s homework. They are not… Continue reading UnSimply Coffee


Coach: Type 1 Tough Cookie · Fabulous Fit Mama Journey

What’s Your Strong?

I recently changed things around in the Fabulous Fit Mamas. I changed our name to the FFM. It’s cleaner and a little edgier. One of my biggest struggles is scaling back, creating a central mission. My mind is constantly running, turning ideas around. Not all my ideas are good. Nope. I am not always sure… Continue reading What’s Your Strong?