A To Z Challenge 2016

We Survived A to Z!

Hi Everyone! We survived the challenge! Yes! Thank you so much for your positive comments. Positivity is the fuel that keeps us bloggers going! The challenge’s end is bitter sweet. I loved reading about Finding Happiness, Murder, Serials, Castles, Emotions, Books, Pictures, Romance, How NOT to write a Romance, Witches, Life, History, Zombies, Zumba, Outside, Travel, Babies, Birthdays,  Motherhood, Stepmotherhood, Charities, Kids,  Benches,  Sex (Did I Stutter?), etc. If I forgot anyone,  I apologize! My bloggy mind is A to Z Fried! I will miss it all, but I cannot wait to read more blogs from  you, my bloggy friends.  For now, I am spring cleaning my blog. I gave it a new look and added some more juicy gossip about my life. Not really. But, I did add an About Me Page, and my A to Z Challenge posts have their own page. Also, for my new readers, I resurrected the history of the Fabulous and Fit Mamas. I think I lost some of the mamas in Xanadu. The green smoothies were that good, and there was this masseuse named…

I digress. Please stop by and tell me what you think! OK, off to the gym! Not really. That was at 6:00 am. I have to get my big girl at school. I am dreading waking my baby up from her nap. She is adorably beastly when woken too early. She is like her mother: She needs copious cups of black coffee! I’m off the blogosphere and into the trenches of the Mommyhood!

Thank you!



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