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Talk Tomorrow

Welcome! My 2017 theme is UnSimply She Fiction. Each post begins with a simple sentence about a She. This fictional She is anything but simple. She may be dark. She may be funny. You may relate to her. You many not like her at all…She is revealing her truth.

“Tomorrow”, She  promises herself.

“Tomorrow” is her daily affirmation.  She takes her first, grateful sip of coffee. Her morning coffee is when she feels the most confident.This is the time before her day gets ahead of her. This is the time before she is too tired to speak, to express her worries and concerns.  She said yesterday that “Tomorrow” is when she wants to talk.

She needs to talk to him.  The evenings are the best time. The kids are asleep. It’s just them and the TV. The comfort of routine sets in cozy place. They watch their favorite shows, exchange pleasantries.  Exhaustion terminates her plan for discussion.

She wants to share her thoughts with him about nothing anything in particular. She is afraid they won’t know each other anymore if routine engulfs everything.

It is evening again. She  is too tired.  “Tomorrow” she promises herself.



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