A to Z Challenge 2017

Whispering Perceptions

Welcome! My 2017 theme is UnSimply She Fiction. Each post begins with a simple sentence about a She. This fictional She is anything but simple. She may be dark. She may be funny. You may relate to her. You many not like her at all…She is revealing her truth.

She fears perception.

She doesn’t like the game perception plays. She never knows if it is her perception or the perception of others that keeps her awake at night.

Perception is truth. A version of the truth. Which truth was it? Her truth? Or, the whispering perceptions circling  her?

Her Truth: I am such an exhausted mess this morning. My blood shot eyes. Maybe this color sweater will add some color to my pale face?

Whispering Perception: She is so put together. I guess it must be easy when your schedule allows pampering.

Her Truth: I am running late. I need to get my kid home. Get her ready. Rush to the next activity.

Whispering Perception:  I guess she is too good to say “Hello”.

Her Truth: I wish I could talk to someone. It’s so hard to open up. I sadly don’t have the time.

Whispering Perception: Her life is so easy. I can’t connect with her.

Perception is truth to some.  It’s sad the whisperings are too loud to listen to her truth. 


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