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Welcome! My 2017 theme is UnSimply She Fiction. Each post begins with a simple sentence about a She. This fictional She is anything but simple. She may be dark. She may be funny. You may relate to her. You many not like her at all…She is revealing her truth.

She was tired of “The Incident”.

Everywhere she went she heard the whisperings of “The Incident”. Their pasted looks of sorrow were menacing camouflage for smirking.  Her world had something over her. Well, the very small, vanilla world she lived in had her pegged as the “Causer of The Incident”.

The problem was she had no idea what “The Incident” was. She was only aware of it’s aftermath.  She was ostracized from her small, vanilla world:  parties, lunches, friends, and her husband.  No one would tell her. They ran from her. Avoided her. It was as if they were afraid of her. She almost liked this power she had over the people who once intimidated her.

All she remembered was waking up in the hospital. She was so drugged. She couldn’t remember what they said.  No charges were filed. No one came for her. She came home to an empty house.

All she remembered were the S’s: Sangria, Shattered glass, and Screaming.

After all the unanswered phone calls, emails, and legal threats, she decided that she could not take it anymore. She had to ask her best friend. She was not speaking to her either.

She approached the door. Bile churned in her stomach. Her  best friend opened the door, immediately wide-eyed with fear. She saw her soon-to-be-exhusband in the kitchen. He looked at her with disgust and immediately got on his phone. With his eyes on her, he spoke quickly and clearly, “She’s here. Come now.”

She felt like someone punched her in the gut. She remembered.

She was screaming.  She was holding a shard of a wine glass at her best friend’s neck. Her husband falling…the slippery, intoxicated fruit on the tile.

The incident happened six months ago….

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