A to Z Challenge 2017

Bored in 30

Welcome! My 2017 theme is UnSimply She Fiction. Each post will begin with a simple sentence about a She. This fictional She is anything but simple. She may be dark. She may be funny. You may relate to her. You many not like her at all…She is revealing her truth.

She is bored.

She parked her car diagonally across from  the house. Nobody would see her coming. No time to react. That was a good plan, thirty minutes ago, a day ago. Now she felt the onset of boredom creeping in on her plan.

She was bored her entire life. She moved a lot. She partied a lot. She got fired a lot. Twenty years ago her chronic boredom gave her a gift: her daughter. She was scared. She was overwhelmed. She grew bored. She left.

She shifted in her seat. She looked at the house across the street. It was neat, small, even charming. She read over the information: name, grandchildren, husband… It was everything she hoped.

She watched a minivan pull into the driveway. This was her moment to change everything.

She drove away.  There would have to be an easier way to pay back the money she lost.

How far was Vegas from Suburban Hell? 


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