Stream of Consciousness Saturday

So it Goes

 Linda G. Hill: Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness Writing Prompt: so,sow, sew

What to write? So it Goes. Vonnegut’s famous line glimmered in my mind.

So this is it? That was my first thought.  Too negative. I like the  “It”, “It’s”, and “It Will Be’s…” in my life.  So, that’s not inspiring, nor interesting to whine. So it Goes. So it Does.

So it Goes silences all the chaos, complaining, and well…crap.

So it Goes. Suck it up, Buttercup!

How about a Stream of Consciousness, So it Goes Check List.

  • Home with the stomach flu- So it Goes
  • Unfolded Laundry- So it Goes
  • Social Media is an angry place- So it Goes
  • Life- So it Goes
  • Another SoCS prompt- So it Goes

You reap what you sow, So it Goes!

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