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To Do List Backstory

Today I posted my To Do List on my fitness group’s Facebook page. I wrote a stream of consciousness list of what I wanted to accomplish. My list was full. Removing exercise from my list was an enticing option, however, I was not letting excuses get the best of me. Yes, I had a killer workout. My post workout day gave a comparable $$ kicking. The point of this blog post is  to expose the truth  a self-imposed stress bath of a To Do List.  I think it’s important to share when I screw up. We all do it, even those judgmental, perfect types do. If anything, we are in this together. We can all laugh together, right?

Original List

I rewrote my list with painfully honest commentary underneath each item.

  1. Exercise

Done- Knee Throbbing, Spartan/Life Training Done. Who cares? Now to the good stuff.

  1. Buy eggs and strawberries.

Not a chance in heck that happened! As I was pulling out of my garage, running late, hair wet, post workout pancake in a burrito shape, eating from a plastic bag, I heard, “Crack!”

I thought the garage door was crunching down on the car. Nope! I cracked the side view mirror case. I screamed. Called my daughter’s nursery. Told them I was going to be late. I was stuck in my car because the mirror was wedged. Pulled out of the garage in a diagonal. Called my very understanding husband on the way. Teacher called to tell me that after care was not opened at that time. I flew into school. My daughter was in the office. As soon as I saw my daughter, I cried. I was embarrassed, ashamed, and frustrated.

I realize we also need tomatoes. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise I cracked the mirror case? Yeah, OK.

  1. Register for Women’s Heath Certification, planned for tomorrow’s training, emailed a follow up training email, confirmed with tomorrow’s client.

               Done. Why am I sane when I work, yet I behave like a spastic lunatic the rest of the day?

  1. Register Little for Nursery.

                  Done. See spastic lunatic.

  1. Take care of children.

No, I do not need to be reminded to take care of my kids. They are bathed, fed, and clothed on a routine basis. Reminding myself for pick-ups, carpools, and activities. We had one particular fun activity today when my oldest daughter realized she  forgot her homework in school. This is rare. She is only seven. After the printer printed out glossy, blurred pictures of the homework assignment, I embarked on an emotionally -taxing -odyssey: Searching for the homework on a Google Goose Chase. No go. Too much Da Vinci Code Coding. Surviving an epic-cursing-filled printer jam. Whiting out the answers. A  very kind mom sent me a picture of the homework that was mostly completed.  

  1. Laundry

I cried again.

  1. Be Gangsta

I thought about hiring a gangster on retainer ready for the next person who pisses me off.

                  Yes, it’s an irrational, terrible thought. I did laugh a little.

  1. Blog- Done!
  1. Update social media

      Still revising-I want to be mindful about whom I follow and who follows me. Just like in my non          

      virtual life, I want to be a little more careful.

  1. Reorder diabetic supplies.

       Done! I want to live to see another bad day, good day, day.

  1. Sushi for dinner.

Sushi and Wine for dinner.

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