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Dear SNL

Many of us in the Diabetes Community are outraged over Colin Jost’s Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update joke about diabetics. On January 21, 2017, Jost delivered his joke, laced with his trademark, dry humor: “McDonald’s has announced it will be offering two new versions of the Big Mac-one for each type of diabetes.”

As a Type 1 Diabetic I am angry, offended, and dumbfounded. Most of the time, I believe comedians are brilliant because they find humor in our complex, scary world. However, SNL’s diabetes joke was Stupid. Inaccurate. Cheap.

My initial response was anger. I may have called the writers of SNL “Both Types of A$$holes: Ignorant and Stupid” on my personal Facebook account. I  may have toyed with creating an Instagram post about where Jost should shove a Big Mac.

Why? What is any of that going to do? Like many diabetics, I try to live my life with a positive outlook. Why am I going to be negative when my tribe is challenged? Plus, there is so much noise on social media right now. Everyone is yelling about something! I don’t feel like adding to the yelling, blaming, and foot stomping.

Instead, I wrote a letter to SNL. Just a simple email. I am sure an intern will read it and trash it (if I am lucky).

Dear SNL,

Weekend Update’s joke about diabetics was careless and offensive. As a Type 1 Diabetic, let me make things clear: T1d’s will die without insulin. Eating sugar did not give us diabetes. Our bodies do not produce insulin anymore. T1d is an autoimmune disease. Our bodies fight us everyday. We fight to live everyday.

Instead of telling you my story, I invite you to look at my Instagram: UnSimply She. Next, I want you to look at my T1d followers and the T1d’s I follow. Our pictures tell our individual stories. We are athletes, parents, grandparents, and kids, making the best of our lives, enjoying our lives. We are proud of who we are.

By the way, you will most likely not see pictures of T1d’s eating Big Macs. Even if you did “catch us” eating a Big Mac, it’s OK. We bolus for that. What’s a bolus? I will explain that another time. Maybe after you start being funny.

Thank you for your time.



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