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Strong Coffee

Unfortunately, an incident like my blog post below unfolded at my gym between two women on the treadmills. My poor friend was in between them! It was very sad and unnecessary. I created a similar coffee scene…Enjoy, or not.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you.

I was about to tell you something important about-Instead you made a dismissive motion with your hand, and you started talking about it again. I understand you are not happy. I talk over you. I firmly drum my words,


Please let me talk. If we were having coffee, I would tell you,  No. Sorry. I just don’t want to hear it today. It’s been a long two weeks. I have a lot of personal stuff to deal with. Most of it is worked out. I just want to relish in accomplishment. Please, do not yell at me about things we cannot control.

I will offer you cream, sugar, Stevia (that’s popular in my house). But, please do not talk to me about The House. I will lend you a listening, supportive ear if you want to talk about our daily lives.  I want to laugh and joke with you. I do not want to spar with you.
We don’t get time like this together very often. I am not wasting my time talking to you about anger, negativity, misery, and blame.

Please, let’s talk about the good in our lives. Our goals.

You start blaming again…. I just can’t anymore.

“Enough!” You look at me with shock. This is not us.

So let’s try this again: ” Would you like cream, sugar, Stevia?”

” I said, No, my friend-”

“Sadly, I will have to show you the door.”

I heat up my coffee. I prefer my coffee plain. No cream. No sugar.  Very Strong.

I look at the empty chair and my eyes well up with tears. A friendship is over because we could not follow a kindergarten rule: If you have nothing nice to say, Don’t say it.

No cream. No sugar. No friend.  Strong coffee. Strong mind. Strong is enough.

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