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Drafting 2017

Drafting 2017

I have three drafts for 2017. I am experiencing writer’s block. Here are three different interpretations for 2017. Hopefully, I will  soon clear my mind and complete a cohesive, blog post. Enjoy!

  1. 2017 is off to a chaotic start. Sitting in front of my coveted keyboard is a cherished time, but unfortunately the luxury of blogging is a scarce commodity these days. Where have I been? On an island. Trapped on a delayed flight. Experienced life on a campsite. Not a twenty minutes of sleep..all night. I experienced a lock down. I taught yoga.

I can’t seem to find my voice in 2017. I am waiting to breathe. I am waiting for still.

Camping Sunrise


Searching 2017

I hate taking a break from my blog.

Yes, It’s healthy to recharge. Go on vacation. Take a break from the grind, etc. Starting 2017 with a clear mind and tanned body was my goal. Things started out wonderfully. Vacation was the recharge I needed: no schlepping kids, no 5:00 am wake up, quality family time. Yes, palm trees and tequila were sprinkled into the sweet mix too. It’s easy for me to feel gratitude when I start the day with a run on the beach. It’s easy for me to feel rejuvenated with a green smoothie a day and eight hours of sleep. The only thing that took a hit was my diabetes. No, I was not making unhealthy choices and lying on the beach all day. I was proud of my choices. Spartan is six months away. Even in paradise, I heard Aroo whispering to me in the sea breeze. I charged on the sand. I did my burppess. I even

A Morning Run Route

found monkey bars. Maybe it was the tequila talking? I digress.

Any change in routine makes my sugar go crazy. I have no idea why.

Coffee, Bulldozers, 2017

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am taking a break. Most of the word is raring to go, pumped up with New Year’s resolutions and motivated to make 2017 the best year they can. Not me. I am starting 2017 on break. I will be away from my blog for over a week.   I will miss our coffee dates, but I know you will be busy.

I am not a fan of resolutions. I am a work in progress. I am constantly evolving. I am an introvert at heart. Lately, I find myself retreating back into my thoughts. That can be a positive or negative. One thing I accept is I am not everyone’s cup of tea. There is something about me that I feel people do not like. I am too much or too little of something. At my age I know I should not care. I agree. I do think it is important to realize things about us. I feel sorry for those who walk around oblivious to everything, even themselves. They just bulldoze through life.

I have no plans on becoming a bulldozer. However, I will stop feeling guilty or paranoid that I did not do or say the right thing. This may not be very nice, but I plan to be comfortable with admitting that “It’s OK that you don’t like me. I don’t like you either”, and that’s that. No guilt.

In 2017 I will continue to indulge in my guilty pleasures: wine, coffee, The Real Housewives of Whereever, chick lit, and being OK with me. Being OK with me should not be a guilty pleasure. But, guilty pleasures make me happy. I should make me happy.

“So, do you want cream or sugar in your coffee?”

“Oh, you are giving up sugar, coffee, carbs, wine, in 2017?”

A Perfect Cup of Coffee

“Not me. Good luck, though.”

“Oh! I knew you were joking!”

“Forget coffee! Let’s bust out the champagne?”

No Guilt. No Judgment. Be you. Be OK. Be you in 2017.


Cheers to our 2017 drafts!

Love in 2017




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