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Pieces of Moments

Moments create moments: little pieces of moments come together to create a beautiful, whole moment. That is a phenomenon like  privacy in the bathroom.  It’s winter break here so there are many moments: crying moments, tantrum moments, whiny moments, eye rolling moments. Yes, I own some of those moments. I know I am not alone in hoping the home all day with the kids moments do not shatter me to pieces!

This morning I got a perfect-this-is all-worth-it-moment. The kind that fills a parent’s heart so much  it hurts. I was sitting with my girls on the couch. I savored the moment recognizing all the moments that created this perfect moment.

  • My girls snuggling with me- a fleeting moment because they won’t think I’m cool for long.
  • Watching Finding Dory– a got it right moment when the girls cheered over this Hanukah gift
  • The smell of my baby’s freshly washed hair- a relief moment because the bath was over, coupled with a wishing for time to freeze moment because the smell of my baby’s freshly washed hair is heavenly.
  • My big girl’s mismatched pajamas- a joyful moment because her top was Princess Jasmine, which means she is not too old for the princesses, just yet. Also, a relaxing moment because it was almost 10:00 am. How wonderful to have no place to go!
  • My overused coffee mug in my hand- Grateful moment because it was pretty full, warm, without microwaving it twenty times!
  • Our holiday decorations- The many moments of love and care to put them together, so we could enjoy a holiday moment like this together.
  • My chipped holiday nails. On Christmas Eve my big girl and I got manicures. My nails are a fabulous, sparkly, red and blue extravaganza!
  • I hope for more pieces of moments within moments in 2017, the good, the bad, and the whiny. It’s hard to relish every moment, especially when we are in them. However, the moments become memories, lessons,  if we are lucky enough to live in another moment.


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