She Fiction · Stream of Conscious Saturday

Take Out Next Year?

Thank you Linda G. Hill for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday Prompt: Cook

“Why did I promise him I would cook for him?”

It was a perfect holiday evening. Snow was falling. The string of holiday lights complimented the glowing candles on her kitchen table. This was perfect!  He was perfect. He returned her calls. He took her on actual dates. He practiced perfect hygiene. He was nice to his mom!

Why? Why? Did she promise to cook him a holiday meal before they parted ways for the holidays?  Neither her or she invited the other home to meet the family. No, they were not “there”….yet. She wanted to be “there”. But, she made the same mistake she always did. She pretended to be someone she wasn’t. A cook she wasn’t. She was desperate. She wanted this to work. It needed to work. She tried too hard.

She knew that it was too late. He was on his way to her apartment. The delivery guy was on his way to her apartment. The scene was set for  a romantic, holiday dinner. Except, there was no dinner. She paced the apartment, waiting for the delivery of food from one of her favorite restaurants: elevated comfort food. Plus, they had not dined there together. It was the perfect choice.

The door bell rang. She grabbed the money on the table.  Thoughts of plating the food “just so” swirled in her mind.

Her stomach dropped when she opened the door. There He was holding the delivery bags.

“I assume this is our home cooked, holiday meal?”

Her appetite and voice were  both swallowed by humiliation. She could only nod.  The expression on his face told her if they were dining together or separately next Christmas.

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