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The Life Before

The holiday season makes me nuts. Maybe it’s the stress. Maybe it’s the endless To-Do Lists. Maybe it’s the Ghost of Christmas Past, or in my case , The life before.

The life before is life before I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Diagnosed as a thirty-something is interesting because I experienced a longer time of the life before than many fellow diabetics. It’s nothing I like to complain about. It’s nothing I can change. However, lately thoughts of “the life before” are haunting me.

The holidays have that power to transport us to our prisons of the past. Very Charles Dickensish, right?

Last night I was looking through my Instagram feed and I came across a post that stopped me in my tracks. A popular fitness professional made a very poor attempt to be funny and posted something like a During the holidays we bring our bodies to the brink of Alcoholism and Diabetes. I felt my cheeks grow hot and my fists clench. In that heated moment, I wanted to hit this individual with a troll-jab-comment. Instead, I punched the unfollow button.

Just like I refuse to let diabetes hold me back, I refuse to let an uneducated person, desperately trying to get a laugh, ruin my day. Instead, I chose to think about how far I have come over the past two years of My Life Now. Because you know what? The woman I was in the life before didn’t do such a good job. The woman I am now is better. I have to be better. Life is too short.

The holidays reopen crudely stitched wounds from the life before for many. We all need to think a little more before we speak, respond, and post. The holidays are about extending kindness and accepting all man, not rubbing salt (or in my case sugar) in open wounds.

PS No amount of sugar alone will give you diabetes. I can enjoy my hot chocolate, candy canes, and jelly doughnuts like everyone else. I prefer my doughnuts to be grain free. But, that’s my choice, not a reaction to someone else’s judgment. You cannot “catch” diabetes.  However, if a diabetic sneezes sugar on on you….Seriously?

Happy Holidays. Post Smart, Not Cheap.

Check out my response to the post on Instagram @unsimplyshe

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