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The Mother Ship Inventory

I started the holiday season feeling such gratitude and joy. I knew my joy and gratitude would soon be tested because life is a series of moments of serene joy and gratitude, not a constant plane of happy. Get real. For constant happy I would need a cocktail of something….. Perhaps a mix of denial and delirium?

The holiday sprint took off in full speed when both of my daughters got sick and passed it on to The Mother Ship (Me). It’s time to take inventory. I don’t want to be unhappy and ruin this beautiful time of year. Instead of groaning about what I have to do, I remember that many of the projects this time of year are a labor of love. Sappy? Probably. So? I’m allergic to negativity.

Gratitude and Joy Inventory:

  • Drinking tea while watching the first snow fall
  • Taking an online class to keep my group fitness certification
  • Blogging
  • Preparing to donate toys and clothes to the Vietnam Vets
  • The marshmallows sitting in my pantry.
  • The hot chocolate sitting next to the marshmallows in my pantry.
  • I am planning the above special treat for this weekend! Maybe we will have hot chocolate, marshmallows, with a holiday movie toping?
  • The big girl and I baking for Grandpa on Saturday.
  • Receiving special ingredients for a grain free/gluten free holiday breakfast
  • Being grateful that my family will let me try a grain free/gluten free recipe!
  • Preparing to teach a children’s yoga class after the holidays (It’s a volunteer program at my daughter’s school)
  • Stuffing and sending our family’s first holiday card

Yes, I don’t feel well. I am exhausted. I have to remind myself that everything I am doing is because I want to. It brings my family and I joy. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that way about laundry. Well, at least I am lucky enough to have clothes to wash!

How is everyones’ holiday planning going?



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