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Who Gives a F*G?

Disclaimer: I am a work in progress. I do not hold any professional credentials in building troll force fields. Until then, this is how I cope.

Everyone is a target for people to criticize. Sorry, nobody is exempt, even those who think they are so awesome, all the time. But, we have several choice reactions. Hiding in our homes. Hiding under the blanket on my couch was my hiding place of choice. Snatching your child at pick up and running to car without making eye contact with any other fellow, haggard-stressed- parents. I tried that. It didn’t work. I made some of my best friends at preschool pickup. Dammit! Passing up opportunities by providing excuses of being too busy. I guess there is always pretend laundry to fold when really we are dealing with a full-force spin cycle of anxiety. I’m guilty! Or, my personal favorite, implementing attitude-bravado by acting above it all. I haven’t tried that one yet. I hear it’s a new trend. 

I am trying very hard to live fearlessly (within reason). I am a wife and mom of two little kids. I am not talking about skydiving or running with the bulls. I am talking about something way scarier: Not giving a fig about what other people think.

I am a sensitive person. Insults do hurt me. Mean girls (even at my old age) still exist. So what?  “What’s one more?” Instead of getting caught up in someone’s negativity. Stop and think.

Try this: Revisit the first time someone really hurt you, for clearly no other reason than to be nasty. It was an awful, hurtful experience that I am sure knocked you down for quite a while. Or, how about the months or years that the “hits” kept on coming? You are still here? Right?

What’s one more insult, troll comment, or nasty gesture really going to do at this point? Will your feelings our be hurt? Yes. Will you be angry? Yes. But, you know you by now and you know you will get back up again.

Or you could chose not to get up again. Your couch and security blanky is calling, pretend laundry is overflowing , and you are too cool for _____ing , right? It’s up to you. Really, nobody really gives a fig about what you do but you.   Certain, sad people are trolling through life. Are you really going to stop living because a nasty creature that lives under a bridge made fun of you? I agree. That really is ridiculous. If you have that image in your mind, “What’s one more”silly troll going to do? Hopefully, you will cross the bridge, running. I do advise you to run because some trolls are quite violent, only if you stand there and take it.


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