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Holiday Sprint

This week I am suffering not from Writer’s Block but from sprinting Writer’s Clog. My brain is sprinting through with so many thoughts that I can’t hold on to one of them long enough to stretch it into a blog post. I am really OK with that.

I am making strides in the Holiday Sprint. This time of year is stressful and often frustrating with the demands of Rockwell perfect and the reality of Griswold results. I get it.

This year something happened to me over Thanksgiving. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I enjoyed, lauded, ate, and drank with some of my favorite people. Since then, I am trying to see the wonderful in my life, rather than focusing the grindful (daily grind and awful combined). For instance, today I ran to the store after work and I was grateful that I could run to the craft store for holiday shopping. While I got what I needed to, I caught myself signing to holiday songs.

I have a vision for the holiday decor in my home this year. It’s a rustic winter theme, with lots of kids’ crafts. I wouldn’t have it any other way. One thing that surprises me is my joy over children’s holiday crafts. My children’s artwork is corner stone of holiday decor for me. I also can’t believe how much  I frequent the craft stores! I hated crafting until I had kids.

I am more of a Pinterest fail type but I am OK with that. I know my limits. I have to work around them.

This year our family has our first holiday card. I am so proud of us. We finally got it together. I used to feel like nobody would care if we sent out a holiday card. However, my feeling of pride and love for our squad drowns out negative thinking. Plus, I love getting holiday cards from friends and family. I am making a garland out of it this year.

I hope my fabulous mood continues. Even when our plastic Santa Clause flies through the sky because of ignited toxic waste that my brother-in-law illegally deposited into the sewer, I want to smile and enjoy the beauty of the bright lights, rather than stare in horror at source of the funky glow. In fact, that would be a very interesting scene because we are Jewish. Let the yentas yent. Happy Holiday Sprint to all!


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