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The Gift of “Yes”

Thank you Linda G. Hill for the SoCS prompt: Yes

Yes! The gift of Yes! Us UnSimple Shes’ often talk about how hard it is to say “No” because we feel guilty about saying “No”. We are often overtired, overrun with chores, and always overloaded with our own self-imposed guilt. Yeah, crazy. So, we grin and smile, until the dark pillows of exhaustion crinkle around our eyes, and we utter a breathless, not a sexy breathless, “Yes”.

Still, I wish I could say Yes more to the things I really want to say Yes to…

I wish I could tell my daughters Yes

You can be a princess, teacher, ballerina, and artist all at the same time when you grow up.

You can have pizza for breakfast lunch, and dinner.

We can fly to Disney World after school.

You can stay home with me and snuggle everyday.

You can wear a Tutu to school and in the bathtub

You will always be happy.

We will always agree.

I can protect you from everything.

We can paint the world pink with purple polka dots.

I will always do the right thing for you.

You will always do the right thing for you.

Mean people exist only in cartoons.

I will always be here.

How I wish I could give them the infinite gift of Yes! But, if they never experienced the cold, hard reality of No, they will never appreciate the rare beauty of Yes.

So, yes, a No may hurt, but it will teach them lessons, present them with new opportunities, and sometimes it will just be a painful no. But, Yes! I will be there every step of the way, as long as I can. That is my gift of Yes to you, my loves.


16 thoughts on “The Gift of “Yes”

  1. This blog made me teary eyed. I feel the same way. We want to give our children everything but they need to hear no because life won’t protect them from the harsh reality of no. They will grow from no.

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  2. Love it Michelle! I got myself in a bind over the weekend because I didn’t say, “No” to my girls. It’s for the opposite reason though; usually I say “No” a lot, so I figured this would be the weekend of YES! No. I suppose the answer lies somewhere in balance. Thanks for this timely post.

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  3. I have a coworker who is reaping the “rewards” of a child who was not told “no” enough. “No” teaches us resiliency. It gives us the ability to adapt. It helps us discern what’s truly important enough to fight for.

    A constant diet of “yes” for a child is no better than a constant diet of donuts. It makes us lazy, unmotivated, and downright confused when the box is empty and we have to try to navigate the world as adults!

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  4. It’s oh so very difficult to say no to our kids, isn’t it? But you’re right – if they grow up only having heard yeses, they’re in for a cold, hard lesson.
    Thanks so much for sharing your take on the prompt, Michelle. 🙂

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