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Week On!

It’s been a weird week. My week did not start out great, but it’s getting better. I think it’s because I decided to see the good in the little things that make the big-bad-things a whole lot smaller.

Monday was not a good day. I was in a negative place. Negative energy is a magnet for negative people. It makes me feel like I am walking through sludge.

I had an idea and it was shot down. Then I thought about doing it without help. Why not? I am enough, right?  Positivity started to percolate…..

Things started to turn around after my dentist’s appointment on Tuesday. It was the first positive dentist appointment I had in two years. That’s because my sugar is under better control. My mood started to lift after that. It’s nice to know that my hard work is paying off.

On Wednesday my coffee maker broke. I am a coffee addict so this was a drama! First world problems, right? I went to Bed and Bath and got a newer, smaller, and cheaper version. I need to use up the 20% off coupons before they are no longer valid. I decided to buy the Starbuck’s Holiday Blend pods for future holiday cheer.

Today I was up before 5:00 am, worked, worked out, got my stuff done, and took a nap. I am really grateful my parents came today to help  me out. I love seeing them and my girls are so happy when they are here.

The week was rough and my husband I were having a tough time connecting. He surprised me with a date night on Friday. It’s ironic that the person I miss the most is the person I live with. Things are looking up for sure. I am so excited to spend time with him and have an adult conversation, not a mature conversation, but it will be two adults having a conversation!

So, yeah it’s been a week. The week turned around.  All I can say is Week On. Things do get better if you let them. Maybe I will get a manicure? I’m going on a date! No yoga pants and Netflix this Friday night. Yes! That means sweatpants and Netflix on Saturday night! Yippee! I’m in! Week On!

Oh, yeah. I am looking forward to another sunrise. Maybe Sunrise Yoga tomorrow? The possibilities when I Week On……



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