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Life’s Waterslides

Exhaustedly happy was the overall mood on the ride after a weekend trip from an indoor-resort- waterpark. I took a quick break from enjoying the last of the brilliant fall leaves. I looked at my phone to check the date. I froze. The day before was my two-year diaversary. I forgot. I missed it. Tears came to my eyes. I survived two years! How could I forget the day that changed my life? I wasn’t sure what to do. Should I share my belated diaversary with the FFM? My fellow Instagram T1D’s? Facebook? Naah!

Instead, I sat and reflected about what I did on my diaversary. I was blissfully unaware of my diaversary…I was blissful. I was with my family and friends. I was delighted and grateful to be with this group of people. I am a little socially awkward so I was thrilled to let my guard down and just be. My husband, older daughter (my little was with Grandma and Grandpa), and I were enjoying each other’s company without rushing, shuffling. We were playing! It’s sad that play is so rare these days. I savor every moment!

Speaking of play, I got over my fear of waterslides.

I said I hated waterparks. Well, something changed! I asked a very daring friend of mine to go on the biggest, baddest waterslide with me. I have no idea where this desire came from, but it was awesome! After surviving the drop, I was racing up the steps to the next waterslide, and “Whoosh!” I was off and sliding!

My husband and daughter do not share my passion for an adrenaline rush. However, they sure enjoyed watching Mom “plop” out of a slide resembling a toilet bowl!

The memory of me flushed down a toilet bowl slide is not exactly what I will remember about my diaversary. It’s that I lived. I had fun in a way I was not capable of in the past. It’s OK that I forgot the day that I changed my life because I am living. I am living for adventure, for my family, for me, for next year. I am living bigger, better. I am living grateful.

I wonder what unforgettable adventure next year will bring? Bring it on…


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