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UnSimply Coffee

It’s finally time for our coffee chat. I have been waiting all week. I just want to talk to you. No, not about that. Not about him. Not about her. Let’s just talk about our simple, yet unsimple lives. NO speaking  of them, OK? They are not helping us with our kid’s homework. They are not folding our laundry worst household chore ever. They are not shuffling our children from one activity to the next.  They are not going with me on a family vacation this week. Very funny. No, we are not secretly moving to Canada. We are going to a family water park. So, when I come home can we meet for drinks? My ears will be ringing. I will need something stronger than coffee.

What I really want to talk to about is my blog. I hope you are not offended. You have been with me from the beginning. It’s because of you, my friend, that I have courage to branch out. Yes, you and I will always be Fabulous and Fit Mamas. However, I felt that my blog’s title had nothing to do with its message. It happened organically. That’s the beauty of it. I committed to writing, and the blog evolved into something else. I’m glad you understand.

I changed my blog to UnSimply She. I still have the same domain address…for now. Please take a look when you have a chance. You see, I am much more interested in what happens outside of the gym. It’s what we do before we lace up our sneakers that motivates us or derails us. Our lives outside of the workout is the birthplace of our juiciest stories and experiences. Does that make sense? I’m so glad you like the new blog’s concept. Yes, it is more fitting.

As you know there is nothing simple about balancing life as a She these days. If we could all put our stories together, our complexities would mesh into similarities. How nice would it be to say, “I’m not alone”?

It’s tough to get all of us together because of soccer practice, dance, and the little’s naps, work, etc. Scheduling, Ugh! So, until then, I hope to share my journey as a fellow UnSimple She.

So, what is going on with you? Please tell me about your simply, unsimple week…img_4537


11 thoughts on “UnSimply Coffee

  1. Thank you, it’s nice to NOT hear about the election. I think we’ve all had enough. I love your new blog title. I’ve been thinking of one, instead of just using my name.

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    1. Thank you! It took me a while to come up with a blog name that worked for me. One day it just happened! I’m sure you will have that moment too. The name will find you. You are right. We have had enough of the election! Writing is a great outlet for me to tune out the media’s rumblings. Thanks for visiting!


  2. Let’s just not speak about laundry… okay… just not. And ignore cleaning too, okay… because… oh… grrr… it’s always the same. You feel you are done with it and then you turn around and you feel like starting all over again… other than that all good here 😉

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