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Fabulous Fit Mama to UnSimply She

Hello Readers,

My blog’s  new name is UnSimply She. The Fabulous and Fit Mamas started my journey, and I am grateful. However, the Fabulous Fit Mamas blog title suggests my writings are only about fitness. My blog is more than fitness.  UnSimply She fits what I write about: Simply Life.

Will I write about the Fabulous Fit Mamas? (I have recently changed our group’s name to the FFM. It’s cleaner, right?)  Yes, I will talk about the FFM sometimes. They are a part of my life. Each of them  are Fabulous, Fit, and UnSimply She.

UnSimply She?  Let me explain.

I often fantasize about writing a novel. I imagine myself pounding on my keyboard with a fluid stream of ideas and thoughts to share. That’s when the record of my writing symphony makes that horrible screeching noise and I am slapped back to reality. I am OK with that. When I think about writing a novel, it would be based on my life experiences.  I am in the trenches of momming while desperately and sometimes ridiculously reaching for Me. Sound familiar? Yes, it does. So many authors with bigger, more beautiful, articulate voices than mine have beaten me to the Mommy Truth Pulpit. I am grateful for that.

It’s comforting to know that I am not alone in this shadow boxing mom fight: the pressure, stress,  and frustration. We beat ourselves until we are TKO with exhaustion. This cycle is common… a little too comfortably common. I’m not the only one. My imperfections, insights, joys, and mishaps are not unique.  I simply write about them.

I do not want to change the conversation. I want to add to the conversation.

I am UnSimply She. Nothing  about being a “She” is Simple.

I share this familiar  journey with so many others who own their truths, triumphs, and obstacles.

I am UnSimply She: mom, wife, trainer,  Type 1 diabetic, Jew by Choice, coffee addict, veggie obsessed, wanna be yogi, and cook. Yes, I love wine too! I also “think” I am funny, particularly if I am exhausted and/or after my second glass of wine!

I am just your average, UnSimply She living in a complicated world.




So, what do you think?

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