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What’s Your Strong?

I recently changed things around in the Fabulous Fit Mamas. I changed our name to the FFM. It’s cleaner and a little edgier. One of my biggest struggles is scaling back, creating a central mission. My mind is constantly running, turning ideas around. Not all my ideas are good. Nope.

I am not always sure how people will respond to them, or respond at all. Instead of stopping because of frustration, I keep going. I decided to try and incorporate themes into the group. A thematic approach would reign me in and make things more interesting. This month I chose  a thematic question that is very close to my heart and controls its every beat.

November is Diabetes Awareness month. November is also my two-year anniversary of my diagnosis. It’s not necessarily a sad or happy event. It’s just the event that changed my everything.

I will not let diabetes become my everything. However, everything I do has a little extra fire, motivation, and even defiance because my diabetes lurks at every corner of my everything.

I am the only Type 1 diabetic in the FFM. I wanted to open my experience to everyone. I did not want to put a negative spin on my obstacles with diabetes: shots, sugar lows, extensive planning for life, etc.


Life is an obstacle course for ALL of us.   We all have them. We own them. We ignore them. They scare us, exhaust us, and intimidate us. Sometimes it’s easier to stay in the roaring comfort of negativity, rather than the scary silence of the unknown. When we think like this, we forget that our obstacles gives us strength, knowledge, and a dash of grit. I originally thought this month’s thematic question should be “What’s Your Obstacle?” The question still felt too negative, too depressing. I needed to flip the question. I decided to ask for the empowering answer rather than the raw journey.

That’s how this month’s question changed from “What’s Your Obstacle” to “What’s Your Strong?”

So, I  asked the group “What’s Your Strong?” I changed the question, and the FMM changed the conversation.

FFM Strong List:

Focusing on the positive

Anything is possible with hard work

My kids

Being a working mom

Accepting Imperfection


Love and support of those around us

Not to worry what others think

Free Spirit


My strong is to be Me.

Obstacles made me who I am because I earned my strength.

What’s Your Strong?




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