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A Hallowmama Tale


This is a Facebook post for my fitness group. Β In traditional Fabulous Fit Mama style, I decided to put a spin on Halloween workouts. Enjoy!

Hey Ladies! I was trying to find a cool Halloween workout to post, or create one of my own. Tomorrow’s scary enough. So, here’s an alternative that I hope makes you laugh.

The Best Halloween Workout…Ever!

Warm up
1. Take two very generous sips from your “mystery drink” in your “coffee mug.” You are not fooling anyone, Sweetie.
2. Start walking with your trick-or-treaters who are already pumped up on sugar. Be brave. Take a sip every time you tell one of them to slow down, keep up, or whatever you need to tell them, after you reminded them 30x’s.

3. The first time your trick-or-treaters ask you to eat candy after you told them “No” enjoy two candies of your choice.
4. Superset between your “coffee mug” and candy of your choice when a trick-or-treater melts down.
5. After your significant other comes home from work, make them do 30 burpees with push ups to feel your pain, and for sh*ts and giggles.

After the kids are in bed, join your other fellow “Walkers” (stressed out people) on a power walk to the nearest bar or couch. Whatever works for you.
Happy Halloween!

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