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Soul Sleep Well

Just a quick thought….

Disney Junior is blaring; dinner is cooking, so I have a minute for blogging! I am thinking about what it means to be fit, purely fit. No, it has nothing to do with working out or eating clean. I believe we can’t truly be healthy and strong if we don’t take a moment and evaluate the relationships we have in our lives. Some relationships we can change, and others we cannot. We do not always have the luxury of eliminating people from our lives. We can exercise our awareness towards these individuals. We can workout a way deal with them.

A negative person is greasier than a pepperoni pizza.   Solitude is more refreshing than a run on a beautiful morning. I guess they can be one in the same 😉

Do not follow the pack. Lead yourself. Strengthen your soul muscles and do not let the “dead weight” in your life weaken the core of who you are. I hope to follow my own advice.

Sleep Well.


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