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Headstands and Coffee

Yoga Pants Rocking. Messy Hair Sexy. Blood Sugar Awesome. Body Love 100%. That’s my usual feeling after yoga class.  After having a self-love internal conversation with my body and soul for an hour, I am eager to listen to you tell me about  what’s going on in your life, over the most relaxing drink in our mama world, coffee. However, today you notice that I am a little perturbed after yoga. This intrigues you because you are not used to my post yoga stress. Post yoga stress should not even be a thing.

But, something happened in yoga class this morning that is worth sharing. If we were having coffee, I would tell you I had a meltdown in yoga class.  Meltdowns and yoga usually don’t go together, but it happened. It was time for the headstand. The infamous headstand. I practice headstands daily. I am proud to say I can get into a complete headstand and hold it, for a short time. I am not one of those graceful gazelles. I am more like an elephant balancing at the circus. I have yet to do a full headstand in class. This morning my instructor gave us directions and I just froze. “WTF? You want me to put my foot where? Cross my legs on my what…?'” The entire class got into their inversions/contortions. I sat on my mat and looked at them like a toddler ready to rage and I said to my chakras “No.” I was afraid of falling, some awful sound coming out of my body, and I just didn’t want to go upside down in public! Of course when I got home my Facebook feed is filled with gorgeous, lithe women in handstands! My point? It happens to all of us. We feel intimidated, afraid, unmotivated. What matters is what we do next. I will continue to practice inversions in the privacy of my home until I am ready to do them in class. In yoga class I will respectfully do what works for me. I am not quitting. I am at peace with my spastic self. Be at peace with your spastic self, no matter what you are in to. Just don’t quit because you are scared, or on the verge of a tantrum.

You look at me. I can tell you are confused, so you question, “Namaste?”

“Absolutely, Namaste,” I confidently reply.

It’s not about the perfect moment. It’s about the process, which is perfectly, imperfect.

*This blog post was inspired by a Facebook post in my fitness group. Perfect imperfection with a shot of caffeine is a wonderful thing!

Thank you Diana, from Part-Time Monster for the #WeekendCoffeeShare



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