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Falling Towards Something

I once hated fall. It was not because of the apple picking, apple cider drinking, pumpkin patch hopping, and  everything pumpkin something-something! It was the dark cloud of school tainting my fall joy. My anxiety began stirring from late August, building  to a cacophony of  crazy in  June. I was so bitter and burned out by June that I experienced anxiety about late-August anxiety! Fall was the season I coveted most because the world around me was growing more and more beautiful, but I was continuously weighted down by the ugly formula of endless paper work+grading = pissed off parents.

It’s funny because I experienced this seasonal fest of anxiety when I was a teacher! It’s safe to say that the profession was not for me. I knew that truth since day one. I just didn’t know how to change my life’s course. Change is scary and it’s hard. Excuses are better. For example, I told myself things would get better once I after I received tenure. Four years later I was waiting for the “better”.

I was lucky. My life’s course did change. I turned my hobby, fitness, into a career. After a life-changing year, I became reacquainted with my love of writing. The familiar feeling for change is stirring inside me again. This time I am not looking to change my life’s course. In fact, I want to stay on the path I am on by taking a slightly different route. I want to change the name of my blog.

Fabulous Fit Mamas was born out of an amazing experience. However, the blog has become something different. I am someone different. I am not sure what. Brain storming  a new blog name is very difficult. It’s defining a part of myself, my journey. By sharing this post with you, I am committing to change. That’s the first step.

In the meantime, I continue to write as the voice of the Fabulous Fit Mamas with love. I will watch the leaves change and enjoy some apple cider (If my sugar levels are not too high!). The most important thing is I am looking forward to what is to come. I cannot ask for much more than that.

Enjoy the season’s changes!img_4286


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