Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Screen of Revenge

Thank you Linda G. Hill for this Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness writing prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “screen.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Enjoy a nostalgic, teenage tale from a time without  Facebook, texting, or Instagram. It’s a time when we were not interrupted with tagging or perfunctory likes. Did that makes things easier? Who knows?  I am experimenting with fiction writing. Let me know what you think. Be kind! Thank you!

She stumbled into her room after enduring an another annoying day, talking to shallow, annoying people. Her scowl was refreshing. It was the first pure emotion on her face since 7:00 am.  Her eyes squinted in disgust. She hated Them. Them being her friends. She felt stuck.  High school was a jail. She was sentenced with this group until graduation.

Maybe if she was braver, she would eat lunch alone, in the nurses office? Maybe if she was more proactive, she would join an after school activity, get a job? Maybe she should go to the library instead of wasting time in study hall?

She had gone over this routine so many times. She wasn’t brave. She was lazy and stuck.

Her phone rang.  So, it begins. She decided to screen her calls. She was not ready to be a sensitive ear for the crisis of the day. That’s all she was to them. Something to mock and degrade, or the designated listener/punching bag for their problems.

She turned on the computer screen. Her beloved Word Processor was her therapy. She taped away on the keys. Her truths shouted through her fingers: her thoughts, wants, and many dislikes.

She smirked and thought about her truths converted onto the big screen. Until then, she screened her calls while she typed, and lost herself in the seduction of future revenge.


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