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Year End Bad Habits

One thing we all have in common is Bad Habits. We observe them. We judge them. We commit them.

I am sitting here completely exhausted. My umpteenth cup of coffee shaking in my hand. I am a little scared because I will attempt to fast for the holiday of Yom Kippur. I fear that I am going to be holding a pillow over my head from the withdrawal headache I may endure. I also may have to break the fast early because of the diabetes thing. I am not talking about that today. I am so not in the mood.

Therefore, I am writing a list of my bad habits that I hope to atone for or at least be more mindful of committing. I hope you connect with me on a few. Feel free to add to the list!

  1. I stay up way too late. I really should just go to bed but life gets interesting at 9:30 pm. What I mean by interesting is I get to lie on the couch and watch nonkid friendly shows.
  2. I drink way too much coffee. See above. I don’t eat junk. I don’t smoke. So, whatever.
  3. I watch a lot of Bravo. I discuss the housewives with my friends. Actually, I think the housewives are my friends. This is getting awkward.
  4. I have a very guilty conscience. I always think people are mad at me. When I see a cop, I get very nervous. Maybe I was a criminal in a past life?
  5. I care what people think way too much. I really shouldn’t. I can’t help it. I am just better at handling it (masking it) than I used to be.
  6. I cannot take a compliment well. In fact, compliments make me uncomfortable, even angry.
  7. I cannot sit still and/or quiet my mind. Maybe all the caffeine?
  8. I worry about everything.
  9. I worry that time is running out and I won’t find my true passion. I never heard of anyone turning into a pumpkin at 40. However, there is a first time for everything. There goes my paranoia!
  10. Maybe I have everything I need but I am too sleep deprived, paranoid, reality show obsessed, overcaffeinated to realize?



7 thoughts on “Year End Bad Habits

  1. I so get you. Actually all your points! Besides being worried about time running out… I was a coffee addict for a long time. I managed to cut it back to one to two cups a day max and can go without coffee without problem. It’s all in your mind, you know… Often it’s just a habit. Getting a coffee… keeping us busy doing that. The nice feeling of holding something warm in our hands. Good luck with the fasting!

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    1. I am so glad you get it too! Thank you for the cutting back on coffee tip. It is a habit. Holding a cup of coffee is soothing. I am hoping for a successful and safe fast. Thank you! I just wish time was on our side…😉

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