You’re Late…You’re Right

I’m late to the SoCS party, I know. This week has been crazy with the kids home and the big girl’s birthday weekend. I have not been on time to anything. This late post mirrors my running late theme.

I could not resist Linda G. Hill’s prompt this week: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “your/you’re/yore.” Use one, use them all, but whatever you do, enjoy!

The hardest phrase, or sentence because it does have subject-verb-combo) is…. You’re Right.

Yes, You’re Right  feels like a venomous, bile, crawling up my throat. The desire to hurl that final insult and/or clinching-one-liner-point tastes so much sweeter, juicer, and satisfying than the dry…simple….and sadly….mature “You’re Right”.

Just like a decadent dessert tastes great on the lips BUT the damage to the hips! The work it takes to get back on track.: The unrelenting sweat, tears, and denial. It’s so not worth it.

The lack of discipline and excess of pride are one in the same. Indulging in an argument for the sake of making a point is damaging to a relationship: the sweat, tears, and denial-For what?

You’re right. I’m wrong. Was that so bad? Let’s go to bed and laugh about this fight and reminisce about how You’re Right  like a cautionary tale of yore.

Thank you Linda G. Hill.

I promise I will not be so late to respond to your next SoCS writing prompt!



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