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10 Minutes

Today I was given the gift of ten minutes. I had ten minutes of peace to make three phone calls and  to collect my thoughts. It’s amazing what us moms appreciate when time becomes as valuable as gold, or taking a nap.

What can we accomplish in Ten Minutes?

  1. A complete thought.
  2. An uninterrupted trip to the bathroom.
  3. A heart pounding run, WOD, yoga sequence…the possibilities are endless.
  4. Finish one cup of early morning coffee that does not need to be reheated until 3:00pm.
  5. A shower and possibly a shave (with shaving cream, OH, MY!)
  6. That email, phone call, or text you want to send to that friend who needs some support right now.
  7. Read anything that is not about princesses, cute animals, trains that talk, unless you are personally into that genre.
  8. Do nothing but revel in silence.
  9. Talk to your partner about an adult topic (parenting does not count).
  10. Run to the store around the corner. The trek with the kids usually takes 45 minutes.
  11. Put laundry away, or check off any item on your To-Do List that is really annoying.
  12. Whatever the heck you want.

This list is infinite. What number will we reach?

What would you add to the list?

Imagine if we had twenty minutes? Maybe we could change the world? Or, maybe organize our closets? I’m cool with that too.


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