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A Superhero’s Perception

Another exhausting day is over. Almost. Time for the nightly ritual of getting ready for bed. It’s so much more than undressing. It’s assessing. Looking in the mirror, the defeated sigh… the negative venom stirring.

Yes, every night, it’s the sigh of disappointment. Unfortunately, it’s a choral sigh for so many women. We look and see what we can do better. What we wish we were. How disappointed we are in our physical appearance. Instead of revealing in the evening’s hard-earned silence, the venom of negativity hisses  in our ringing ears.

The other night my husband called me out on my nightly ritual. He was angry about my negative talk. I was embarrassed. He was right. I decided to change my perception.

When I looked in the mirror tonight, the negative venom slithered over to greet me.

I saw my pump, my glucose monitor, my tape on my injured knees, my perpetual baby bump, my too flat butt, my….

I closed my eyes. I opened them and looked in the mirror. I saw a superhero.

I saw a fighter. I saw someone who fights every day. Someone who is learning to be stronger. Better. I looked  like an Avenger. Perhaps Iron Man’s long lost sister?

Silly? Maybe. It’s more fun than thinking about my too flat butt.

It’s all about our perception. I choose a superhero’s perception. Let’s fight negative venom together.

But, I am not giving up my night cream. We all have our limits.


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