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Not a Fab and Fit Day

I woke up exhausted. It was my own fault. I screwed up my insulin. I bailed on my 5:00 am workout call. Kids camp bus was late. Worked out at 9:00 am. Now I remember why I get to the gym at 6:00 am. Get out of my gym!

I was late for an appointment. I don’t know. I could not get there. The receptionist said I could come back at 1:15 pm. No, I have three hours of freedom. At 1:15 pm I am in the Mom Zone.  I exercised more bad behavior and stormed out the door.

I went to get a pedicure. Anything but relaxing. It took too long.  The lady burned my foot with callous wax or something like that. I yelled. More bad behavior.Next time I get a free pedicure. OK. That’s something.

I was late to pick up my daughter. Bad mom. I know. I know. Bad Momming is so much sexier in the theater. I know. I know. Racing into the camp. Manically thanking the camp counselors.

I had to get organized. My baby’s nap was late. I worked out again. Doesn’t everyone do the monkey bars and shoulder push ups to relieve stress?

At 4:00 pm. I sat down to lunch. I had to change my pump. My pump accessories were upstairs.

Time to bolus. Ugh, the salad is rotten. It smells like pickles. The fun never ends. Raisins in my sprouted muffin. That’s something.

Today I was late.  Today I was rude. Today I felt sorry for myself.

Still, I am thinking about is making my husband’s favorite dinner.

I am eyeing those ripe bananas for baking my daughter’s banana bread.

I can squeeze in the time. I will squeeze in the time.

As horrible, repugnant, and annoying as I was (still kinda am) today, that’s something. I am working with the somethings while taking full responsibility for my awfulings.

I am still scowling. I am hoping that their smiles bring a promise of a smile to my face.

I am not promising anything…until tomorrow.





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