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Twenty-Something Coffee Date

This coffee date is rather unusual. In fact, this doesn’t really happen. I’m not sure if I really want it to-if it did. It could change everything, or nothing. Well, here goes something….

I sit in this crowded cafe, wondering if coffee is really strong enough. I am having coffee with my twenty-something self this morning. I am really nervous. Plus, she is not my favorite coffee friend, very serious and kinda, you-know…So, I am really glad I ran into you this morning. I know you got your coffee to go but may I rehearse what I am planning on telling her with you? Thanks.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that you to stop looking outside yourself. Particularly what the movies and television tell us about what twenty-something should be. Social media does not exist in your world yet so you won’t be glued to your phone the whole time looking at staged and filtered “What Ifs”.I know you are frustrated because you don’t like your job, you have no idea what you want to do, and you really don’t like yourself very much.  I understand that we are living in a time when women are supposed to know themselves, love themselves, have a career and travel the world before we even think of romance. None of those things are happening for you. You live with regret every because you are not on the glamorous, twenty-something boat. In fact, every day you live in regret about a coulda, shoulda, woulda because you ended up here.

Guess what?  You are not really going to find what you want until after you get married and have kids. Yup. It’s true. It’s OK.  You are not really going to get things right until you are about thirty-six-something and even then you will struggle to find your footing. First, you will learn about what you don’t want before you learn what you do. This is why you are so clueless. You have not done much serious living yet.  Somehow you are going to have to make peace with certain people and many things that did not go your way. About the age of thirty-three-something you are going to experience an a$$ kicking spell.  You will eat dirt and be very sad for a long time. It’s worth it. Like I said, life really begins at thirty-six-something.  So,  you cannot take on the world because it’s not yours to own…yet.

Oh! Here she comes. How was that? Thanks again. Look! I see that familiar scowl on her face. I just want to tell her to stop worrying. That dumb guy she went out with the other night will  NOT call her. However, if she would just slow down and let herself relax, she would see “the one”  is near. It’s OK that love comes first for her. Without his love she may not find herself at all…

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