Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Art of P*ssed and Happy

Thank you Linda G. Hill for this week’s SoCS: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “art.” Write a post regarding “art,” be it an object or a name. Note: I’m not asking you to draw something, but if you’d like to, we’d love to see that too! Enjoy! Click for the rules here:


Controlling and balancing emotions is an art form. Emotions are like egocentric toddlers pulling at our guts until we snap and our insides spill everywhere. Gory. Gross. But true. It takes years of experience,lots of heartache, and moments of embarrassment  to discipline those wild animals of emotions.

Lately, my emotions are teetering between p*issed and happy. I am experiencing a lot of happiness right now. It’s been a long time coming. I feel like a sheet of protective balance is covering my family. We are all enjoying new interests and new experiences.

I am also very p*ssed off. As a result of my interests, I am injured and my whole body needs to be realigned. Nothing serious. I just need time and patience. That’s where the art of emotion gets tricky. It’s easy to fall into the “woe is me category” or the “now what cycle”. I do that sometimes. But, don’t we all?

Those emotions are strong and lurking. The art of focus is what I need. I will come out stronger than before. I have to do the work and control feeling sorry or annoyed. Not controlling my emotions will annoy everyone else around me.

The art of controlling emotions is not easy or fun. It just has to be. That’s the way I choose to live.  I need to get those pulling toddlers in line. Leave my guts alone! Leave my dignity intact. Plus, I do not want to clean up the mess. Exploding emotions is a figurative mess that may leave me sleeping on the couch for days. I plan to excel in the art of living. How about you?

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