Coach: Type 1 Tough Cookie

Honestly Fit

Honestly Fit. I’m not talking about the people who spend more time talking about the gym then they actually go to the gym. No, this is an entirely different concept. I have dreams of thrusters, squats, burpees, and deadlifts dancing in my head. For now, those love to be hated exercises are simply dancing in my head like a dangling carrot. So many aggressively hard and tantalizing fitness adventures are at my fingertips everyday. Spartan races are all over the feed, followed by Tough Mudder and other military inspired delights. Yes, to me they are a delight.

I cannot participate in any of these events right now because I am not “Honestly Fit”. I can do pull-ups and pushups aplenty, burpees and thrusters galore. (I have been watching too much Disney with my girls in this insane heat) My problem is my knees are a mess and my core pops out with every squat.

As much fun as it is to rep it our for twenty minutes and/or to run until I am ready to throw up, it comes at a cost. I can’t hold my stomach in and my knees are suffering from the heavy load my core cannot hold.

Pregnancy has changed the alignment of my body. It’s been seven years since my first baby. I have a lot of retraining to do so I can get back to the things I love to hate.

Use this as a cautionary tale to get Honestly Fit before the fun. Learn about your body’s strengths and weaknesses. Every time a set back happens I learn something. I learn more about control. Hopefully, I will comeback Honestly Fit and in control.


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