Stream of Conscious Saturday

“If” Keeps Us Very Busy

Linda G. Hill’s SoCS Prompt: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “if/then.” Begin your post with the word “If.” For bonus points, end your post with a phrase containing the word “then.” Enjoy! Click for the rules here. Thank you Linda G. Hill for the writing opportunity!

If plagues us. If annoys us. If keeps us busy.

“If I had only taken the job.”

“If I worked harder, I would be more successful.”

“If I had only taken a right turn instead of a left.”

“If you would  shut up, I could go back to sleep!”

“If I said that at that time (not  thought about it two hours later) it would have been the perfect comeback.”

If is a big part of our lives. Sometimes the many Ifs get too loud and it puts us in a bad mood.  It’s tough to think of all the missed opportunities.

If can also motivate us. Help us do better next time, so we stop drowning in a pool of missed “Ifs”.

If we captured all the Ifs, shoved them into a rocket ship, and sent them up in space, we would have a party celebrating the peace from the Debbie Downing “Ifs”.

There is one problem: Then what would we do with all of our free time without the Ifs?”

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