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Big Fat Liar or Totally Normal

I’m either a big fat liar or I’m totally normal. I’m not  really sure but let me explain.  I’m at a time in my life where I am “supposed” to be confident, thick-skinned, and all of that cool stuff. Truthfully, people still hurt my feelings. I do care what others think. I don’t like confrontation. I still see myself as a confused teenager with a desperate need for fillers.

I feel like a big fat liar because I lead a group that is all about confidence and acceptance. Yet, I feel like I have a long way to go. I want others to be inspired and happy with themselves. Maybe my wish is for me to coach them to be better than me?

The big 4-0 is not that far away. I feel like I have scramble to become the tough woman I am supposed to be. Or, maybe I’m really honest. Maybe many women feel this way too.  I don’t deny that I am a spaz who likes to work out. I am not a natural athlete. I’m not tough either. I guess I have to stop lying or continue being really honest about it all.

Are you a liar too?

2 thoughts on “Big Fat Liar or Totally Normal

  1. I recently had a similar experience with a friend. She told me she felt judged by me, even though I’m the “don’t judge people” person. I ended up telling her that I’m not perfect; I’m still a work in progress. That doesn’t mean that I don’t mean what I say. I still try not to judge. So, I would say this to you too! You’re imperfect, but at least you’re trying. There’s nothing fraudulent about that 😉

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