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Runny eggs, Meat rare, Coffee black

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I needed decafe today. No, nothing froze over. Yes, I know my mantra: “My eggs runny, meat rare, alcohol strong, and my coffee black and extra leaded.”

I am so wired that I am afraid I will not sleep tonight. My mud run is tomorrow! I am excited and very nervous. I have the Fab and Fit Mamas at my side, which means more memories for our group!

I feel like I am packing for a strange trip, or an illegal escapade: trash bags, duct tape, scissors. Of course I have my diabetes bag packed. My insulin is in the fridge and I will pack it in the morning. Here is the picture I posted on Instagram!

Type 1 Mud Run Survival Kit


My feelings about the mud run run deeper (pun intended) than my diabetes. I am thirty-eight-years-old. I was really boring in my twenties. I was so serious! I spent a lot of time grading papers. I doubt I went out much on the weeknights. I took the world so seriously. It really didn’t get me anywhere. I hated my job. I was not a lot of fun.

Later, after I made some changes in my life, I was a little more fun, but not like this.

What were you like ten years ago? Hmm…I never would have guessed.

I certainly was not as brave as I am now. I was nowhere near as strong. I was more of a cardio bunny who toyed with weights.

Now burpees and pull-ups are a standard.

I was also much more reserved. Blogging and social media I know I would have scoffed at. I guess it was because I was afraid. I worked hard in college and I worked hard at my job but I was not really going anywhere.

I finally feel like I am finding what I love to do. It’s a great feeling. I accept that I am not like everyone else. But, really, who is like everyone else? Think about that.

I have to laugh. I liked lattes in my twenties. Maybe I need the hard-core caffeine  now to keep on being hard-core? I drank Appletinis too. Stop laughing. I will tell everyone about that time……

Bottom line: I lost a pancreas and I grew a set of balls.

Wish me luck tomorrow. What is your weekend plan?

Thank you Diana from Part-Time Monster!

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