Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Concentration is a Convict

Thank you Linda G. Hill for the weekly Stream of Consciousness Prompt: Concentration

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Concentration is a lovely thought. Concentration is like a clever escaped convict from Shawshank Prison. I can’t seem to catch it. It outwits with me with it’s slippery ways by adding another trap of a chore, or to do list. How am I supposed to concentrate on anything when it seems like everything is always in a whirlwind?

The luxury of a much-needed pause! To walk into a room and remember what I was looking for and find it with ease. To read a book and not have my mind wander with guilt and all the should dos I must be doing! To not drift in and out of a conversation and execute the perfunctory nods, smiles, and uh-huhs because I am already thinking about my next step.

To have a moment of peace. To live in a moment’s moment. I imagine myself soaring with one complete thought uninterrupted by the noise of routine and chores. To sit at peace. To feel the thoughts pealed away by the wind of no worry.

Oh, wait. I think I just described meditation. Concentration successfully set another trap for me to start babbling about another topic! Foiled again! Meditation. Concentration. I am not very good at either.

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