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Sleep, Mud, and Connection

Let’s pretend you had an extra hour gifted to your day. Would you clean, sleep, or exercise? I asked the Fab and Fit Mamas which activity they would choose. The overwhelming response was sleep! I was pleased to read that many already include exercise in her daily plan. No extra hour needed. Bravo!

Yes, as I type I am already exhausted. It’s 8:36 am. I have been up since 4:50 am. I worked today so I woke up earlier than my usual 5:00 am.

Chasing sleep is like looking for unicorns in Fab and Fit Mama Land.

Sleep is necessary to function. However, sacrificing sleep for productive sanity is a real Catch 22, right? So it goes.

Our mud run team is getting excited for the Rugged Maniac next weekend! I am grateful some of us have come together again. It is a beautiful thing to have strong, like-minded women team up for a mud run. I am looking forward to the after party when we can rehash our muddy race tales! Part of me is afraid. Very afraid. I know I am strong but my diabetes preparations stress me out a lot. Still, like a defiant teenager, I am going to prove that I can do this. I will do this. I get to do this with a fantastic group of women. It makes me feel almost normal.

We are connected by lack of sleep, stress, and mud! Those things connect us. There is no contest or intimidation about who is more exhausted and stressed. As far as the mud run goes, we just want to finish! My goal is to create a page that celebrates a healthy life style with a good sense of humor. I want all the mamas to feel welcome. We just have to step it up and find those connections. I think we would all choose a Mom’s Night Out over burpees any day. Still, fab and fit mamas who love to perform the infamous burpee, and fab and fit mamas who think burpees are a gastrointestinal issue toast each other all the same.

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