Counting the Kindness Sheep

Week 5- Take a moment at the end of the day to recognize how kindness shows itself in your life.

This week is one of the craziest weeks! I am exhausted and stressed out. However, I have no reason to complain. I am so grateful and happy. Life has thrown confetti of joy on my family.  Yes, we are busy. Yes, plans have changed.  Yes, I really want to take a nap!

If I were to take a moment and actually nap (funny, I know) I would count the kindness sheep: the moments of joy, kindness, and gratitude while I lull myself into a meditative slumber.

The moments randomly and steadily appear in my mind…my eyes become heavy…

  1. My nephew was born.
  2. I made cupcakes for my daughter’s school birthday party.
  3. My baby girl hugs me before nap.
  4. My husband fixed a shelf for me.
  5. My big girl becomes a Brownie  this week.
  6. A nice lady gave me her cart in the supermarket.
  7. My baby girl is so good in the supermarket.
  8. My parents came over to help me.
  9. My husband makes me laugh.
  10. I am going on vacation with my parents and family.
  11. Making summer plans with friends.
  12. My big girl’s recital. I cried big tears of joy!
  13. My mother-in-law is coming to the Big Girl’s Brownie ceremony.
  14. My husband will be there too!
  15. I will meet my nephew this weekend.
  16. The joy of refuge in the cocoon of my home.
  17. My house is quiet at night.
  18. Clean children
  19. Warm weather
  20. My body allowed me to finish a killer workout.
  21. Life (when I don’t mess it up with my craziness)

How about you? What are your kindness sheep? I hope you have many beautiful moments to count.  Sleep well.

This post is linked to the Richness of a Simple Life’s Kindness Challenge.





4 thoughts on “Counting the Kindness Sheep

  1. I’d count my fiancé & his loving attention, my children, my sister who is my best friend, my job which allows me to live the life I do, my home my sanctuary, my health, my mind, my friends 🌸

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