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A FFM Year in Review

The Fabulous Fit Mamas was born in late June of 2015. The FFM was an accident.  No, a wonderful “surprise”!  I had no idea this would happen. I was not planning for it.  I am a big planner to a fault.  When I am impassioned by something, I work very hard to succeed at my goal. Most of the time  I usually run in jello circles (sugar free, of course!).  My  passion deflates overtime because I get no where. Besides falling in love with my husband and motherhood, the FFM is my most organic adventure. Maybe there is something to that? Stop running in sugar-free-jello-circles? Maybe. I am a workout in progress.

As the coach of the Fabulous Fit Mamas, I learned many lessons during the past year.  Managing a fitness group is tough. It’s hard to figure out what makes people tick. Below is a list of my frustrations, joys, and things I must accept:

  1. Most of the time nobody shares on the page. It makes me wonder if I am reaching anyone.
  2. Remember, the FFM is not my whole life. Please talk to me about anything! I ‘m a normal person, sort of.
  3. People assume things about me:  No, I don’t workout six days a week and consume two kale smoothies a day. Please!
  4. Some members are intimated by group trainings and events: I try my best to let them know there is no judgment, and the camaraderie is beautiful.  It’s all I can do. The rest is up to them.
  5. Not every member RSVPS: Getting angry is not worth it.  I am learning to troubleshoot productive ways to work around  the lack of feedback.
  6. Members are busy: The women on the page have very full and impressive lives. Our group is not their priority. I get that. I respect that.
  7. It’s OK that I do not have a set goal for the group.
  8. The only goal I have is for every member to know she is accepted and celebrated.
  9. Humor is the best medicine. Humorous quotes about fitness and life connects everyone, preaching about fitness does not. In fact, I find the ladder approach annoying.
  10. I am grateful for this group.

I am not sure what the next year will bring. I can plan all I want, but all I can do is just go with it. Hopefully, I will continue to Get It Done with the FFM.

Have a Fabulous and Fit Day!IMG_2371

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8 thoughts on “A FFM Year in Review

  1. Why the silence? I think that’s what most bloggers ask. Is it a lack of time? Is it overload? A Reader stream so full of blogs hoping, asking, begging to be read that readers just click “Like” and move on? It’s so easy to do. I admit I do it, especially when a post looks like it’s promoting something for sale or it’s whining or it’s about something I’m just not interested in or a particular blogger posts so many times a day it’s like they want ALL the attention.

    What makes me stop and read? An eye-catching photo that has something to do with the rest of the post has a good chance of at least slowing me down. A few lines of text that hook me. Of course, there are some bloggers I’ve developed a bit of a relationship with whose posts I look forward to reading, so I click through to the full post every time. But even that doesn’t always mean I’ll comment.

    What leads me to develop a relationship? First, interesting, well-written content. Second, a meaningful response to comments on their posts — and not just to mine, and not just, “Thanks for commenting!” Third, showing an interest in MY posts, especially the original content posts, and yeah, leaving meaningful comments helps.

    What make me comment? Sometimes it’s that relationship, but mostly it’s because I have something to say, and (surprisingly, if all you saw was this response) I don’t always have something to say. But I think, and I’m guessing you’d agree, that when a blogger ends with a question, it’s more likely a reader will comment.

    I’ve been at this less than 3 months, so I think you’d be within your rights to ask, “What does she know about any of this?” All I know is what I do. I can only suppose I’m not that different from everybody else.

    And whatta ya mean you “don’t workout six days a week and consume two kale smoothies a day”? You MUST! You’re fabulously fit, aren’t you? 😉

    Take heart. You’re not alone. ❤

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    1. Thank you! I am with you on the blogging commentary. I am grateful for all the likes and comments I get. My comment about commentary was about my group’s Facebook page. It’s a private, safe place. My goal is for everyone to feel welcome. It’s tough when I don’t hear much from the members but I keep trying my best. As far as blog comments, I am happy that people find my blog comment/ like worthy. I try my best to return the favor in between kale smoothies and workouts! 😉 I’m glad we are on this blogging, newbie journey together! Thank you for commenting!

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  2. FFM got me off the couch many times and got me to run my first 5k so I am grateful for it’s creation! I know it has been a journey for you and sometimes frustrating. Thank you for creating this group!

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