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Extra Sand In My Coffee, Please

Come on! Let’s go! I know it’s early but let’s take a ride to the beach. Yes, I know what time it is!  I want to go to the beach and savor the pristine, preseason twilight before the torrential boom of tourists hits the shore. We live in New Jersey and it’s Memorial Day Weekend.  I take pride in the Jersey Shore culture. No, I don’t find Jersey jokes funny. Before  the festival begins ….Before the smell of sausage and peppers fill the air… Before  the soft ice cream is dripping every where.. Yes, I admit, before we fight for a parking spot, let’s go!

Can we drive to the coffee place near my grandparent’s old bungalow? Yes, the one with the doughnut on top. Yes, we will get doughnuts too. Will that help you stop complaining?

Once we get settled, blanket on the sand, hot coffee in our hands, fresh doughnuts in a paper bag, seated like my daughter: criss-cross-applesauce, it’s now time to do nothing!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you….absolutely nothing.  Now is not the time. Now is the time to listen before the cacophony of the shore season begins. Let’s savor the natural beauty in front of us. The silver waves breaking. The pink in the sky blending with the shy, yellow morning sun. The delightful chill in the shore air complementing our warm coffee.  The sweetness of the doughnuts with the lingering taste of salt.

We sit for a while before I hear it. The cackling sound of a seagull that used to wake me up in my grandparent’s bungalow so many years ago.  The seagull seems to call the world to the shore: “The celebration has begun! Summer is almost here!” Before long, his call will be answered, and chairs, sand toys, and coolers  will replace the pristine reverie of this early shore morning.

We stay like this for a while. Sipping our coffee and munching on doughnuts, waiting for the beautiful cacophony of summer to begin.

Yes, more sand in my coffee, please. Nothing is better than an early-morning-shore-coffee.  This peace is dedicated to my husband who hates coffee but savors silence in a world so loud. I’ll buy him as many hot chocolates as he wants as long as he sits on the beach with me!

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15 thoughts on “Extra Sand In My Coffee, Please

  1. Just being at the beach a few weeks ago, I can almost see and feel the scenery you describe. It is beautiful, and I long to go back and sit and enjoy for a while. Thank you for the memory. … It looks like your husband and mine have a lot in common. 😉 Have a great week ahead!

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    1. Thank you! The beach is such a beautiful place. There is nothing like losing your thoughts watching the waves. Yes, you understand the coffee for you and hot chocolate for the husband combo! I love that about him!

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