Kind Energy

The Week 3 Prompt for Niki’s The Richness of a Simple Life’s Kindness Challenge: Kind Energy


This time of year it is difficult  for me to reflect on much of anything because so much of my energy is dedicated to checking off what is next on the end of the school year/ summer checklist: end of the year  activities, birthdays, celebrations, plans for the next school year activities, vacation, and the other every day “stuff”. It sounds like the typical, suburban mom drama, right? Well, there is nothing typical about any mom or any family. Within every household is a unique energy that is carried outside the front doors and spread to others that  hopefully makes all the “stuff” wonderfully worth it.

In the beginning of the week, I was a recipient of an act of kindness. Since my Type 1 diabetes diagnoses last year,  I was a suitcase diabetic. All of my supplies were kept in bins and boxes, out of sight, in the living room. My husband was not happy with this arrangement. He cleaned out some drawers in the kitchen and created a diabetic space so I could easily get to my supplies.  He said “This is our life now.” He accepts that diabetes is not a weekend girlfriend. The sugar mistress who is here to stay. She’s a resident in our home until a cure is found.  Interestingly, I recently cleaned out my big girl’s folders. It made me happy that everything of hers was organized. It never occurred to me that I needed organizing too.  I am so grateful for my husband’s kind gesture. It makes me feel like we are almost “OK” with our new normal.

As I type, I am exhausted. Still, nothing is more reenergizing than starting the day with my big girl talking about our Memorial Day weekend plans with my big girl.  This morning my husband was upstairs with the baby while the big girl told me she wants to play on the swing set with the baby. My husband later joined in the conversation and said he wants to take his girls to dinner. I thought about making a celebratory family weekend chocolate chip banana bread. The baby sat in her high chair and smiled. She felt the positive energy in the room. What is kinder than a family making weekend plans that include each other with activities that make each other happy?   Reenergized and inspired,  I was not too miserable food shopping later that morning.

Yes, my food shopping adventure plays a part in my reaction to a situation that may have turned very unkind. As a result of not being kind to myself, I am fighting a cold. While food shopping, I unfortunately had to cough in the produce section. I coughed in my elbow, like they teach you in school. Behind me, I heard a gruff voice say, “Cover your mouth.”

What? Really?

Instead of a nasty remark like “Mind your own d@mn business!” I turned to look at this nosey, instigator. It turned out to be an older gentleman working in the produce department.

I replied, ” I would never not cover my mouth. I coughed into my elbow. I did one better. I don’t caught into my hands. It will make you sick if you later touch something I touched.”

He replied, ” I’m not trying to be nasty. I didn’t see that. I was worried about your baby.”

He then started talking to me about how beautiful children are and how he does not understand why people hurt them….Obviously, there are issues there that are deeper than a cough.  We had a brief, nice conversation and I went on my way. Plus, I frequent the store often.  Is it worth making a scene over something so ridiculous?

Now, I am going to be kind to myself: a healthy grilled cheese and Jennifer Weiner on my Kindle. It’s so much better to react kindly to others, including myself. Cheers to spreading the kindness during the holiday weekend.




13 thoughts on “Kind Energy

  1. Ugh sorry you’re feeling sick and a holiday weekend at that :/ I hope you recover quickly. I love how that situation turned around! You made a conscious effort to react with kindness and look what happened! Even though it didn’t seem like a well intended comment look at the conversation you had with him. That’s a prime example of regular everyday kindness. How did it feel to walk away from that situation having carried on a small conversation with him versus a quick snappy remark and getting worked up about it? That’s awesome Michelle! Glad to hear that your weekend will be filled with moments that make for beautiful memories. Get better soon!

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      1. It’s easy to let your feathers get ruffled but the more times you stop and react that way the less you’ll have to stop and just react that way 🙂 Enjoy it! 🙂

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  2. Hope you’re feeling better. I loved your story of that wee bit of stretching into kindness when an automatic response might have been quite different. And yay for both your husband and you truly making room in your lives for who are.

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